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And so it begins….

As a year comes to an end, people all over the world celebrate the coming year by making resolutions.  This coming year I will lose weight, start exercising, get my financial status in order, spend more time with the family, try to be a better person.  For most of us, we’ll be lucky if we make it through to March with our resolutions intact.  For most of us, our resolutions get lost in the dreariness of January, it’s too cold to go to the gym, the Christmas bills start rolling in and the budget gets all wonky, and let’s face it… Some family members may be a bit trying!

I have all those goals as well!  I also have a small urban farm that I am trying to get rolling on.  By that I mean that I have been able to grow some vegetables, a couple of fruit trees and I have some chickens.  Ok… I also have dogs, cats, and ferrets.  Oh yes!  I also have a very understanding husband who has stood by me through every crazy idea I have ever had.  Which is good because he’s had his share of crazy ideas as well.

My favorite crazy idea last year was to compete in the National Novel Writing contest.  For those of you who may not have heard of it, this is a competition to write a novel in 30 days.  50,000 words in thirty days.  Can we make this any more stressful?  Yes!! Of course we can!!  Let’s put it in November where we start dealing with holidays and midterms!  This was my second year of participating in this joyful madness and this year I won!!  Never mind the fact that really we are just competing with ourselves to meet this goal, the fact is that I won and I have a lovely little plastic trophy to prove it!!

So now where to go from here?  Well many of my fellow writers are bloggers.  They tell me that this is the perfect way to get into the habit of writing every day and writing well.  So while I try to lose weight and get my finances in order, I have added this blog to my list of goals for the coming year.  What will I write about??  Well I can tell you about my fantastically crazy family (so much for that resolution on spending more time with the family!!) about the craziness of being a nurse, or maybe I will tell you about my ongoing battle with chicken stealing aliens!  The truth is out there!!

If I get brave enough I may even tell you about my writing projects!  Guess I should since this is the point of my blog eh?  I am exploring my writing ability and letting my inner artist play for a bit.  So grab your favorite beverage and let’s hang out for a bit.  I’ll tell you a story and I will go and read yours. Let’s see how this year goes!

See you on the other side!

Eclectic Scribe


2 comments on “And so it begins….

  1. Nicole art & soul
    January 7, 2015

    That is SO awesome that you won! and wrote a book in a month, whew! Good luck on your blog! I also like your theme–Hemingway…hmm, a perfect match.


  2. Lisa DeSon
    January 7, 2015

    Love your fearlessness! Want it, go out and get it: Don’t fret, just get moving and get it done! And plastic thingy or not,the fact that you finished is all the reward i would need, the plastic thingy at the end was an awesome bonus AND confirmation you’re on the right track. Kudos, looks like you are well on your way to accomplishing all you set out to do!


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