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Happy New Years!

Yes I know that we are already at the end of January! 

It’s crazy!  Seems like only yesterday I was baking for the holidays, and I just got done putting the last of the Christmas decorations away.  I’m sure that many of us get to feeling overwhelmed but the fast pace of the holidays and January becomes a sort of hibernation period to rejuvenate and reflect on the coming year.  Many people choose to make resolutions to lose weight, get finances in order and so on. 

Well I have chosen to make my resolution for this year to add some adventure and time travel to my life.  Now you may be wondering if I found a T.A.R.D.I.S. in my back yard, and that would be cool but no Santa wasn’t that good to me lol.

No dear readers I have something that’s just as much fun and that is The Society For Creative Anachronism or SCA!  Now you may wonder what that is.  Well the SCA is an organization which explores the middle ages up to the 17th century.  Founded in 1966 in California by a group of history enthusiasts,  it’s grown from that first backyard party to become an international organization with thousands of members.  There is probably a group somewhere close to you!

The SCA is a very family friendly organization with activities ranging from culinary to textiles, to armor and combat.  If you love history and have thought it would be cool to explore that, then the SCA may be what you are looking for.

So how does one get involved in the SCA?  Well the first step is to go to and read up on the organization.  They have a great newcomers page with great information on how to find a group and how to create a persona .  Creating a persona is creating a character based on the area and time period you’re interested in.  No actual historical figure can be used.  You can’t be Henry the VIII for example but you might have been a scribe in his service or solder in his army. 

So over the course of the coming year, I’m going to reconnect with my persona and take her on a tour of Ansteorra and share this fabulous organization with you!  So if you’re looking for something to do that will tap into your creative side and meet a great group of people, check out!  Share your adventure with me and who knows… maybe I’ll see you at an event!

Here’s to a great year for all of us!


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